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Using EoLC profiles and other data from the NEoLCIN, including the new EoLC economics tool

On 12 July 2017 we held a webinar alongside NHS England’s End of Life Care team. This webinar gave an introduction to the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network’s profiles and the EoLC Economic Tool. It was led by Nicola Bowtell and Andy Pring (PHE) and Louise Corson (NHS England).

The session demonstrated how local commissioners and service providers can use the NEoLCIN tools to inform local service planning decisions. Data tools demonstrated included the EoLC Profiles and the recently published Health Economic Tool.

View the recording here


A focus on end of life care in care homes

In November 2016 we held a webinar on care homes and end of life care. 

The webinar presented preliminary research and analysis the team has recently been undertaking in this important policy area. 

Topics included:

  • The key challenges to providing end of life care in care homes
  • An overview of capacity and need for end of life care services in care homes
  • Data exploring what care home residents die from and where they die
  • An exploration of new data looking at temporary care home residents and end of life care in care homes
  • A tutorial on new care home indicators that have been added to the End of Life Care Profiles

Download the Slides Webinar - NEoLCIN focus on end of life care in care homes.

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An introduction to the End of Life Care Atlas of Variation

In February 2017 we held a webinar on the new End of Life Care Atlas of Variation.

Topics included:

  • Exploring the forthcoming publication, the data and the emerging findings
  • Understanding the importance of this publication
  • To see how the Atlas of Variation can be used to inform decision making
  • Look at the time series data to identify where variation has improved, stayed the same or got worse

Download the Slides Webinar - Atlas of Variation End of Life Care

View the recording on YouTube

Joint webinar between PHE and NHS England—Learning Disabilities and End of Life Care

In March 2017 we held a joint webinar on Learning Disabilites and End of Life Care

Topics included:

  • What it means to have learning disabilities and how they affect end of life care
  • Key issues in end of life care for people with learning disabilities
  • Details of the Palliative Care for People with Learning Disabilities Network (PCPLD)
  • Feedback from the NHS England learning disability & end of life care recent workshop outcomes
  • An update from the NHS England End of Life Care programme

Download the Slides Webinar - Learning Disabilities and End of Life Care.

View the recording on YouTube

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