National End of Life Care Compendium of Data Sources

This page was last updated in 2013. A more recent signposting guide has been published by NEoLCIN Palliative and end of life care resources guide

This guide to data sources is for professionals, including commissioners, service providers, researchers and others who are working to improve the quality of end of life care. The aim is to bring together information on all available data on end of life care from NHS, social care and other sources.

Please also see our Data and analytical tools page. This provides links to tools, many of which will have drawn on the data sources described here and packaged them in ways to make comparisons across geographical areas or population groups easier.

If you have come across any useful data sources which you think we could add to this compendium, please neolcin at phe dot link email us.

Topics covered currently include:

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End of Life Care Profiles
Data Sources
Advice and information
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